Hong Kong 2k15

I know, I know. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty busy since it was the holidays and school started last week, but I would want to share with you my experience last December (Dec. 28 – Jan. 1) on my trip to Hong Kong!

(L to R) Hannah (little sister), me, and Kyle (little brother) riding the train. Hannah took this photo 🙂

This was my little sister’s first international trip, so it’s pretty exciting for us all! For the first time, I was in charge of the itinerary and the maps and all — so this is what I planned:

December 28 (Monday)

Morning: departure at 9:45 AM

Afternoon: check-in hotel Holiday Inn Golden Mile (Tsim Sha Tsui) (Nathan Road) and explore the area

Evening: sleep early for a big day tomorrow; dinner at Delicious Kitchen (more on that later)

= On the first day, almost everything went according to plan! We went to the airport early in the morning and had a light breakfast (as they were also serving breakfast in the plane). Unfortunately, I was really ill the day before so I was quite weak in the first few days of the trip. When we arrived in Hong Kong, we took the Airport Express (train) followed by a free shuttle service directly to our hotel. [I was so happy that the temperature during our entire stay was around 18 to 19 degrees. I do love cold weather.] We unpacked for a bit then went to iSquare (which is conveniently located across the street, yay!). I immediately went to two of my favorite stores in Hong Kong: Log-On (lifestyle specialty store) (I usually hoard on stationery and collectibles here) and HMV (music, films, games, and collectibles shop) (I buy limited edition CDs or DVDs here and posters or collectibles.) We went to the supermarket (which is also conveniently in iSquare) and got some light dinner because it was quite late and we were exhausted. Unfortunately, Hannah (my little sister) got a fever at night so we had to change the itinerary of the trip a bit.

Photo from: insideretail.asia
Photo from: http://www.timessquare.com.hk/eng/shop_detail.php?shop=409
Photo from: insideretail.asia

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