Clouds (Petrarchan Sonnet)

I wrote this poem originally with the Shakespearean style back in high school, but in my Literature class in college, my professor requested that we write a Petrarchan sonnet – so I improved my old poem and changed it a bit. May I present: Clouds.


Though you left, like a raindrop leaves the sky –

I will wait for my Time, as you did, too.

The days came quicker than we thought we knew –

And it came upon you quicker than I!

These things do happen, but I ask You ‘why?’;

The pain and the suffering that I go through –

You were someone I always looked up to.

I didn’t get the chance to say ‘goodbye’.

But with every wish and dream comes with a price –

Mine, to see you quickly, I must endure;

Now, I will leave it to the cruel Fates.

Tonight, as I look up unto the skies,

You looked back down and I felt so secure.

Dear, I will see you soon. Heaven awaits.

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