Sophie Plays: Lifeline, Alphabear, Quest Keeper, and Slayin’

This month, I get addicted to new games and challenges —



Earlier last week, I noticed that one game from my wishlist has gone one sale (from about Php 140 or more to only Php 43)! No questions asked — I bought it. Lifeline is a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ game. It’s about a Science student named Taylor (I am convinced that Taylor is female , while my brother is convinced that Taylor is male) who gets stranded on this moon/ planet. The rest of the crew is dead — and you only have one goal: to keep Taylor alive and to hopefully bring her to safety.

What makes this game so cool? It takes DAYS to play. It uses real-time strategy. For example, if Taylor says that she’ll sleep, she’ll be good as gone for a couple of hours (unless something interrupts her slumber, of course). The game is genius because we don’t know what to expect of it, and that it’s very good for time management too (since you can only play a few minutes at a time). If you really concentrate and use your imagination, you could almost think that Lifeline is real.

I give this game five soaps (instead of stars, cuz I’m SOAPy, get it?) out of five soaps. I love a good story game!


downloadAnother game recommended to me was Alphabear. Now, my all-time favorie word game is Bookworm Adventure (words + action + story + Greek mythology = YES), but Alphabear is nearing in as a good second favorite. It’s not only really cute (you get to collect all the bears) but it’s also quite challenging! There’s a specific number of turns per letter and you need to create the longest words (or use up all the necessary letters) before time ends and the letters turn to stone, thus preventing the bears from growing. It’s easier to play than to explain, so go download it now!

I give this game four soaps out of five!



I actually played Quest Keeper some time ago back on my mom’s iPad, but imagine my delight when I found out that it’s now available for Andriod! This game is basically a test of your reflexes. Imagine a cross-over of Crossy Road and Temple Run — there you have Quest Keeper. Plus, you get to unlock or purchase new maps (challenges) and clothes to help aid you in your quest. Warning: this game is really addicting.

I give this game five soaps out of five!


maxresdefault (1)

Last, but not least, we have Slayin’ — the first endless Action RPG game! Really addictive and very interesting. I absolutely love the art of the game and the music? It’s very retro and the style is very old-school.

I give this game three and a half soaps out of five soaps.

Enjoy playing! What do you think of these games? Let me know in the comments below!


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