Honda Kalookan Driving School: Day 1

Today, I had my very first driving lesson. I was so nervous earlier this morning because I had a fear that I would run over hit people or stuff (since I am clumsy…at times). I was enrolled in Honda Kalookan Driving School (which is said to be an excellent school for driving). I decided to learn how to drive a manual car, which is said to be more challenging, rather than an automatic. I asked my grandma to sit at the back/ to accompany me while I drive so that I wouldn’t be too nervous — which she happily agreed to do.

So, this is what happened:

When I was walking to the car: “Oh gosh, this is really happening. What if I bump into someone? What if I hit the islands? What if I make the driving instructor throw up?”

While the driving instructor was teaching me the basics: “I really hope I’ll be able to remember all of these when I take the exam next year.”

When he tells me to take over and sit on the driver’s seat: “Deep breaths, think positive. You won’t be killing anybody and you won’t be doing anything really bad.”

When I start accelerating: “This kinda reminds me of Mario Kart or GTA, to be honest– HAHAH.”

When I started shifting gears: “I feel so badass and slightly stupid simultaneously.”

When I do a U-Turn: “OHHH YEAH! I did it!”

When I start driving: “Don’t think about Bumper Cars. Don’t think that this is a game of bumper cars.”

When I reach the driving school again: “That was so much fun. When can I come back and do this again?”

I think I got my mom’s genes when it comes to driving; she drives fast and likes to speed up (whereas I did the same — I was asked to slow down a couple of times) while my dad prefers to drive a little slower so that he would have extra care on the road.

Now, I just need a lot of practice (especially for next Monday, since I was challenged to the idea of driving all the way to La Salle! Gulp.)

For more ideas on how to drive a manual:


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