A Fresh Start

After so many years, I have decided to try blogging again. I guess laziness always hindered me with the idea of blogging. I mean, what to write about?

I decided to rename my blog to “A SOPHIEsticated Blog” and to start fresh, because first of all — my name is pretty flexible. I can make it work. For example, if I’m feeling sabaw”, I can always be like: “Oh, haha, that’s because my name IS SOUPIE”. Same goes for soap (SOAPie), but you gotta be a little more creative than that bad soup joke I made.

Second, writing would not only provide me an output for my bottled up emotions boredom and skills, but it would also serve as good practice (and would hopefully develop into a habit).

Third, writing a blog would help A LOT in the future (when I do apply for jobs in writing or the like, I could just casually be like: “Oh, check out my blog”, send them the link and BAM — easy portfolio).

Lastly, I want my voice (well, technically words to be read BUT for the sake of the ‘old’ saying) to be heard by those who are willing to listen.

That’s it for my first post! See (technically you can’t see me but) you soon!


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